Economics leaving you at a loss?

As the popularity of the economics sessions at our conference showed, people feel confused by the ideas behind austerity as much as they’re outraged by its effects, and they want to change that. Too often politicians rely on the mystifying effect of economic language to push unfair policies. So we’re excited to announce our brand new Reading Group initiative, beginning this Sunday.

Informal (cafe-based), open to all, a place where you can ask those questions you never dared ask for fear of looking stupid. The first meeting will take place on Sunday 24th November from 2pm in Kafeneion in Goodramgate. If you want to get reading and come prepared, contact us and we’ll send you the materials, but if you haven’t got time, you’re welcome to come along and listen to what people have found out. Its hoped that notes on the discussions that take place will appear on this site, too. Don’t feel put off, we’re starting right at the beginning!

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