York’s councillors need to hear from bedroom tax payers

York’s Councillors are meeting on Thursday 12th December. Because local anti-bedroom tax campaigners York’s Housing Crisis delivered a big petition recently, they will have to hold a debate about our demand: don’t evict tenants who can’t afford the bedroom tax. We have the opportunity to address the Council at the start of the meeting, but we’re desperate for some people affected by the bedroom tax to take the opportunity to tell their story. And we’ve made a simple way for those paying the bedroom tax in York to get in touch…

If you or anyone you know are affected by the bedroom tax, please ask them to contact us on the form below. We want to work with people so they can confront councillors with their stories. We won’t tell you what to say, but we can help you prepare and support you through the process. We know its a brave thing to talk (or even write) about personal circumstances like this, but you’ll be ensuring that councillors get the message that the bedroom tax is making lives misery for many who have no options other than to attempt to pay it.

What will we do with your story?

Your story will make the most impact if you are prepared to tell it yourself, but we can also include it in our own speech. If you are happy to have us contact you about giving a speech, select the first ‘Yes’ option. Otherwise, we’ll try to use your story in a speech by a York’s Housing Crisis group member. However, we may still need to contact you if we think an important detail is missing.

What to tell us:

Do let us know how the bedroom tax is making life more difficult, and if you’ve tried to move as a result of being charged, let us know what happened. Only include details like your road or estate if you want us to use them. Don’t tell us your house number – we won’t use it.

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