Economics Reading Group meets again

The second occurrence of the reading group was on Wednesday 4th December 2013 at 6:30, when a small, mixed and very keen group of individuals came together in the Billiards Room at the Golden Ball pub in Bishophill, York where they serve tea, and coffee along with a wide range of drinks both alcoholic and otherwise. For an intense 90 minutes all the six present debated, discussed and tried to make sense of some pages from one standard academic text, whilst considering the wider implications of austerity, post-crash economics and the political agendas behind the different economic schools.

No knowledge of the subject is needed by those who may like to take part but we are slowly establishing a reading list to cover a range of arguments, including pages from a college set text to provide the definitions, but then comparing these with the opinions of Keynes, Marx, Ostrom, along with new approaches like Pickett & Wilkinson’s The Spirit Level.

The next meeting will be mid-January 2014, but members are busily compiling their Christmas wish lists of the books to read in 2014. But books aren’t the only route, a number of online audio & video programmes have been noted, and members are exchanging details of any news items or subject matter that they come across, along with appropriate talks and meetings to attend, if they so wish. The group are also maintaining a research diary that is shared so that missing a meeting or two is less critical, as the document presents a brief summary of what has been discussed, and where this led.

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