You’re invited to a party!

Protesters under Fishergate Postern in snow.2013 is drawing to a close. York People’s Assembly is only six months old, yet we’ve come a long way. To celebrate, we’ve booked out York’s first cooperative-owned, living wage pub for a party to celebrate. When good news is rare, its even more important to take time to celebrate when we can. 

Everyone who’s played a part in building the Assembly, and every group and organisation we’ve worked alongside, is invited to join us.

Celebrate with us on Wednesday 18th at the Golden Ball 
We’ll be getting started at 7.30pm. Click here for a map, the pub is marked as ‘B’.

Since July, we’ve marched for the NHS in Manchester, hosted a conference in York and supported picket lines across our city. Amidst much to be negative about, we’ve had a real impact: we’ve forced the government to regulate pay-day loan sharks and just last week we heard that, instead of cutting, local health bosses will increase the local mental health budget.

This will mark the end of regular activities for 2013 – stay tuned for an announcement about our New Year Launch and any urgent activities during the break. We look forwards to spending time celebrating with you on Wednesday 18th.

2 thoughts on “You’re invited to a party!

  1. I’m busy on Wednesday evening, but I believe you wanted to ‘relight’ the Bonfire of Austerity that I constructed.
    I’ve remade a simple frame, and can bring it and the ‘flames’ along before 7.30, and a few drawing-pins should see it burning once more!
    Let me know if you still want it!

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