The Year ahead…

You’ve probably heard that the Liberal Democrats are bringing their national Spring Conference to York in early March, but that’s not all that we’ve got to look forwards to. As our New Year pot-luck meal and meeting approaches, here are just a few of the activities on the horizon.

As part of the national People’s Assembly Against Austerity, we’ll be choosing and sending delegates to both the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity on 22nd February and the Recall People’s Assembly on 15th March . We’ve not decided on a delegation size for the Women’s Assembly but we’ve been asked to find 10 people to send to the Recall Assembly. The latter is a continuation of the event that kicked everything off last June, at which a number of statements and action plans will be up for discussion. 

There are three major demonstrations on the horizon as well. First up, the ‘No to Fascism and Racism’ demonstration on March 22nd, marking UN Anti-Racism Day and challenging the rise of racist and xenophobic rhetoric surrounding the European Elections later in the summer. There’s a meeting at the TSSA office on Nunnery Lane on 20th January at 7.30pm for those interested in building local activity. The People’s Assembly are organising a demonstration and free festival against Austerity on June 21st and the TUC are aiming to organise a march in October.

We’ll be organising local actions whenever they’re needed, but key dates are likely to be Budget Day on 19th March. Entitled ‘Britain Needs A Pay Rise’, it’ll be targeting escalating costs of living and government handouts to rich businesses. We’re also being encouraged to mark May Day with local actions, as well.

We’ve had lots of questions about future conferences similar to the one we held in October, and currently the proposal is to convene an event focused on Alternatives to Austerity in May – if you want to see this happen, please come to our meetings and help us plan for it! Our Reading Group will also be returning – date to be decided on Monday.

That leaves just one event that we’re anticipating – the big one: Welcoming the Liberal Democrats to York for their Spring Conference. Yorkshire and Humber Regional TUC have committed to this, and we’ll be helping them build a huge turn-out. We’re looking at up to 10,000 people marching in York, with coaches expected from as far away as Manchester and Newcastle. To make this a success, we need to reach out to thousands of people in York and encourage them to feel welcome and safe marching and speaking out. That’s a colossal effort, but if we get hundreds of people involved, no one will need to do a lot by themselves.

How we commit to each of these upcoming events and opportunities is down to you. Come and share your ideas, shape our plans and be part of an amazing, growing community of people committed to an alternative vision for Britain’s future.

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