Enough is Enough

A few York People’s Assembly members were present on 29th January 2014 for the launch of the film of ‘Enough is Enough’ at the University of Leeds. The event included a showing of the film, now publicly viewable on the website, along with a panel discussion between the 350 strong audience and

  • Andrew Simms – Chief Analyst at Global Witness, fellow of the New Economics Foundation, and author of Cancel the Apocalypse
  • Kate Pickett – Professor of Epidemiology at the University of York, co-author of The Spirit Level, and co-founder of the Equality Trust
  • Dan O’Neill – Lecturer in Ecological Economics at the University of Leeds and co-author of Enough Is Enough
  • Natalie Bennett – Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
  • Tom Bliss – Producer and director of the film.

Find out more about steady-state economics and view the film here http://t.co/4N3HhRIw7b

Some of the same YPA people saw Kate Pickett again on Friday 31 January at the Priory Street Centre in York where she delivered a different but equally compelling talk  to a big room full of people for the ‘Truth, Lies and The Spirit Level’ day conference http://www.comehear.org/further-resources.html.

Many citizens of York and Yorkshire are obviously seeing that we need to challenge the divisions within society, and bring about a much more equal one. We hope to see them all on the walls and streets of York on the 8th March telling attendees to the Lib-Dem conference what we think of their coalition for the rich and wealthy.


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