Victory? ATOS on the run

It appears from media reports like this one in the Independent, that our campaigning against ATOS has contributed to the company pulling the plug. Current clients won’t be assessed again until a new company is found –  a clear win. ATOS will continue to new and changed claims for the time being, and the Department for Work and Pensions intends to bring in a new company – though who will want the contract we don’t know.

We reject ATOS’ claims that it is pulling out due to threats made to its staff – we have yet to see any evidence that these threats were made, and for York’s part, our concerns rest as much with staff who are under financial pressure to comply with values set by the DWP and ATOS themselves. The company appears to be looking for any old excuse that isn’t a straight-forward admission of guilt. Decisions on need for disability benefits must return to people’s GPs and other medical support.

2 thoughts on “Victory? ATOS on the run

  1. I have got a letter to attend an Atos appointment at 23 Picadilly in May 2014. I have been disabled for over a decade…so they havent stopped

    • Thanks for letting us know. We’ll pass on your (anon) experience to those elsewhere in the campaign. Is it possible that this is happening because you’re moving from DLA to PIP?

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