What a difference a donation makes

GB and DC

David Cameron’s duplicity and evil cowardliness is rarely seen more clearly than when dealing with the issue of tax avoidance.  David’s appearance on ITV breakfast on Monday 12 May 2014 defending Gary Barlow is a classic example.

Gary Barlow has never been an individual I would hold in high esteem but he fell even lower in the sludge when he was revealed to have taken part in an aggressive tax avoidance scheme.

Upon hearing the news my mind turned back to the controversy surrounding Jimmy Carr and a very similar aggressive tax avoidance scheme for which Mr Cameron condemned Jimmy, and blithely ignored a Tory donor taking advantage of the self same scheme.  According to the PM Mr Barlow has made a “significant contribution” to the UK so not paying his taxes is perfectly fine and Mr Barlow need not hand back his honours.  I am sure Mr Cameron was not thinking of the significant contribution Mr Barlow has made to the Tory party not to mention those lovely candid photos of Barlow and the big man himself.

Perhaps this is a new defence which may be employed in other arenas?

“I am terribly sorry I killed that child with my car but I volunteer at a soup kitchen once a month.  Surely I make a significant contribution to the UK.  May I escape justice please?”

With the collective good work our group conducts we will be able to get away with murder by now – how about it Mr Cameron?

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