TTIP Round 5 – Seconds out for the NHS


The US and EU enter round 5 of negotiations on TTIP this week against a backdrop of discontent in Europe, as demonstrated in Brussels last week. The heavy handed response from the Police, who arrested 300 activists, show resistance is rattling some cages.  Lets keep up the pressure – here’s how:

Continuing on from the excellent advice proffered from Linda Kaucher we need to get TTIP on the tip of everyone’s tongues.  The public need to understand how dangerous this treaty really is and how it will affect them if it comes into force.  We need this to be a hot topic in the upcoming general election.  While Ed Milliband has agreed to stop TTIP should Labour win the next election we need him to make a commitment to this in the Labour Party manifesto (for what it is worth).  Not to mention raising TTIP in PMs Questions. This means we need to lobby the Labour Party to keep their word.

While discontent grows within Europe against TTIP, as demonstrated in Brussels this week, where is the UK resistance?  York Peoples Assembly remain resolute against this attack on our public services and plans are being put in place for local resistance.  York Defend our NHS hosted an open meeting with Linda Kaucher to educate Yorkshire residents about the dangers of this trade partnership.  Is it enough?

Stop TTIP suggest writing to local papers, giving the already stretched journalists an easy page filler.  The Press tweet letters received to the paper so keeping an eye out on social media is another good way of getting the word to a wider audience.  Why not call local radio shows to start the debate on our terms?

With the European Elections this week it is imperative we pressure our MEPs to say no to TTIP.  Thanks to the 2009 Lisbon Treaty MEPs will have the final yes or no vote on TTIP meaning they hold our NHS in their hands – vote wisely on Thursday York!

Stop TTIP focus on the NHS and rightly so however should this go through with the NHS exemption this will not be the end of the treat.  Canada managed to keep their health service out of their trade treaty with the US but this is not the full story.  Canada simply succeeded on kicking the subject into the long grass not stopping it all together.  Lets not be complacent or shy: we need to stop TTIP in its entirety!

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