Skip to ma’ loo my darling

Disabled ToiletThe toilet dash has become a family tradition when visiting York city centre.  Especially since York City Council have closed their disabled toilets.  This frustrating facilities situation has been further antagonised by M&S and Fenwicks both choosing to update their disabled toilets at the same time.  Well done York planning, stunning. Group member Emily reports…

My mum has been a wheelchair user since we moved to York almost 15 years ago.  There was a time that she did not need a chair all the time, mum has MS and has gradually deteriorated to the point that she struggles to get about outside meaning she needs the chair whenever we visit town.  Fortunately she has been entitled to a radar key for council run disabled toilets for the last 5 years.  This was incredibly handy, avoiding the awkward moment when you have been stood outside the loo waiting for the occupant to finish to see a perfectly able bodied individual sauntering out having spent 10 minutes in there while mum has been crossing her legs furiously.  I am certain the toilet dash is a game many disabled residents and visitors play, especially now.

Why are disabled toilets the first to suffer?  Before 2010 there were two disabled toilets provided by the Council, by no means is this a sufficient level of services for disabled residents and visitors but it beats distinct lack provided now.  I understand the facilities are closed due to cuts, an easy voiceless saving.  Honestly, if mum was not a user I would not have noticed so it is hardly a surprise there are not more cries for facilities.  It is time we started the cry.

This is a distinct discrimination against the disabled community of York, the Council appear to have decided it is sufficient to rely on the facilities provided by the privately run businesses in town.  A fair strategy until the disabled loos get closed leaving those who struggle physically crossing their legs or dashing round town attempting to find the proverbial pot to… well you know the rest.

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