York joins ‘No More Austerity’ march

Defend Our NHS banner outside Department of HealthAmongst the 50,000 who marched in London on Saturday were several dozen York people. Defend Our NHS York joined the NHS section of the march with their banner – definitely one of the largest and loudest sections of the march. Others joined up with their unions or other campaigns.  And despite big names like Russell Brand, it was grassroots campaigners from CareUK in Doncaster and three women fighting for homes for families in East London who left some of the biggest impressions.

On the march, students dressed up as zombies to highlight Gove’s tearing down of education. Another highlight was an old fire engine belonging to the Fire Brigades Union, following along in the middle of the march. There was a big sense amongst both marchers and speakers that this represented only the first step towards next month’s public sector strikes and October’s “Britain Needs a Payrise” march, organised by the TUC.

At least a dozen York people contributed to the coach despite being unable to attend, and along with them, we want to thank York TUC and local NUT, UNISON and UNITE branches for their contributions. It really was a team effort!

Why not come along to our next meeting on Monday 30th June, where we’ll be discussing future plans – including a march in our city on July 10th to coincide with strikes. We meet from 7.30 to 9pm at the TSSA Union office by the pedestrian crossing on Nunnery Lane. New members and ideas always welcome!

3 thoughts on “York joins ‘No More Austerity’ march

  1. Hi Graham – I’ve been told the BBC said the March didn’t happen – is this true ?? It sounds like it was much too big for the BBC to shamelessly deny it. Jess

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