York Marches on July 10th for Public Sector Workers and Teachers

10 July 1 (1024x768)On Thursday July 10th, people from York and North Yorkshire including strikers from PCS, Unison, Unite, GMB, FBU and the NUT marched from York Castle, infamous from the time of the Chartists and Luddites. The march around the busy city centre finished with a rally in sunny St Sampson’s Square where NUT member and musician Gary Kay got everyone singing together.

As well as protesting against ongoing pay freezes and pension chopping, speeches broadened out the issues to cover Gove’s attack on education and the undermining of public services. Although the march was organised and publicised by York People’s Assembly, it was the unions who took up centre stage, with Unison’s branch banner at the front.

10 July 2 (1024x768) 10 July 3 (768x1024) 10 July 4 (1024x768) 10 July 5 (768x1024) 10 July 6 (768x1024) 10 July 7 (768x1024) 10 July 8 (768x1024) 10 July 9 (768x1024) 10 July 10 (768x1024) 10 July 11 (768x1024) 10 July 12 (768x1024) 10 July 13 (768x1024)

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