The horror, the horror of propaganda

This poisonous anti-Palestinian Tweet was re-Tweeted by Cllr Chris Steward, the Leader of the Conservative group on the City of York Council, well known for other inaccurate Tweets, had this to say recently:

Palestinians leading a donkey to be stoned after painting it w/Israel flag. They are demonic. #tcot

Original Tweet:

I follow it with the repudiation.

BumXpxpCYAALba3A short while ago this image appeared on Twitter – posted by with the following caption: “ in Gaza lead donkey to be stoned as a scapegoat for Israel.

The Tweet was posted by @EriSt0crat who helpfully tells us, “I’m a cisgender-white-male privileged islamophobe Jew who controls the world with my illuminati cabal of Rothschild bankers that eat puppies. Obviously.”

In other words, another Internet nutter whose entirely inflammatory contribution we can dismiss immediately. Except that some people will not have done the extra couple of clicks to discover this is entirely malicious nonsense, so the poor scapegoat donkey being “stoned to death by Arabs” stays with them as a reality.

In the whole tragedy of the Middle East with its present butchery of the innocent, those who sit safely in their homes tweeting malice, or teenagers pouring petrol on…

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1 thought on “The horror, the horror of propaganda

  1. The photo is in fact genuine but relates to a demonstration that took place on 23rd September 2011 in the village of Kfar Kadum in support of the admission of Palestine to the United Nations. Apparently the donkey had a sign saying “Obama” attached to it at some point.
    In the original media reports, some of which are still extant on the internet, there is absolutely no mention of the donkey was “stoned” or otherwise harmed at the end of the demonstration, which appears to be an entirely malicious invention of the originator of the tweet. Moreover, this photo certainly does not relate to anything that has happened since the most recent Israeli bombing of Gaza has started.
    A shame that Cllr Steward cannot be bothered to check his facts properly.

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