Privatization – the York Central MP’s Response

A number of people in York will have recently contacted Hugh Bayley MP to ask him to support the Early Day Motion (EDM) 438 sponsored by Geraint Davies MP. Thus far 73 MP’s of a mix of shades (other than Conservative) have put their names against it, but not our Hugh.

The EDM asks: “That this House notes that public services have been privatised and outsourced without giving a voice to the public service users affected by those decisions; recognises that the public needs real powers to object to sell-offs, access information and hold private providers to account for their performance; and calls for the introduction of a Public Service Users Bill which would make the in-house option the default, require public consultation before privatisation or outsourcing and promote transparency, accountability and social value in public service contracts.”

The response I and others in his constituency received is attached here.Hugh Bayley privatization 18112014 in which our ‘Labour Party’ MP clearly states that “I am not persuaded thaty Public provision should be default” and “some public provision is not of high quality”, along with “I want a level playing field which permits both public and private providers to compete on equal terms for all public contracts”. Hugh is then clearly critical of the way some public services are delivered (without listing them) and supportive of marketization.

The contrary argument that most thinking people are aware of is that when services enter the ‘private’ realm there is an immediate need to make PROFIT, and that in order to make PROFIT they either have to lower quality or increase the costs. One way of lowering quality is to cut the wages or associated benefits of the producers of those goods and services. If they are to increase costs these are ultimately passed on to the user (frequently the taxpayer) or get more money from government.

There are plenty of well documented arguments against privatization:

Mythbusters: “The private sector is more efficient than the public sector” from the New Economics Foundation

5 Reasons why privatization is bad for you from “We Own It”

and for those of a more academic disposition – Does Competition Improve Public Hospitals’ Efficiency? Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in the English National Health Service from the London School of Ecconomics

The issue for the coming months is that in York we have a sitting ‘Labour’ MP who has demonstrated limited support against privatization, whilst supporting the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that will bring neo-liberal marketization as a force against European nation states.

Who is going to stand up for the people of York against the corporations?

PS Thanks to Michele for some good links. E&OE all mine.

Photo of demonstration to save NHS

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