York’s MPs face questions on TTIP

Friday night saw over 120 pack in to Friends Meeting House to demand answers from York’s MPs over TTIP. Meantime, War on Want’s John Hilary did a great job of breaking down some of the myths. Questions covered the NHS and public services, fracking and the environment, the ISDS mechanism by which companies could sue future governments, and more. In their different ways, both seemed pretty convinced we should back the deal, though few in the room seemed to agree.

1 thought on “York’s MPs face questions on TTIP

  1. Very pleased to read about your TTIP action. StopTTIP Manchester has done something similar – and found MPs similarly well briefed by the EU Commission. We are having a meet up with two MEPs tonight. We’ve got a FB page and a blog and will put news of the outcome of this meeting on both.

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