York Declares Support for Junior Doctors Againt Government Imposed New Contract

At a joint meeting of York People’s Assembly Against Austerity and Defend Our NHS York on 2nd November to discuss the ‘Crisis in the NHS’ it was unanimously agreed to support all necessary action by junior doctors in the UK against the imposition of a new contract upon them by the Tory government and to issue a statement in support of the doctors. This include support for the proposed strike on the 5th November.

The British Medical Association’s response to the government’s proposals is fully explained in their own statement but the meeting believes this action by the government is one of many over recent years to prepare the National Health Service for total privatization and further transfer of the welfare state into the hands of multinationals and hedge funds. In particularly, the extension of plain time within the junior doctors’ contact would attract private companies to take it over, as other pay constraints in the NHS have done.

This Tory government is determined to destroy the NHS by, amongst other things:

  • Undermining morale by reducing staff numbers and pay and at the same time driving a target driven regime that is unworkable
  • Implementing the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which actively encourages greater privatization
  • Promoting a campaign of ‘black propaganda’ against the NHS to create the imaginary scenario that the British public would be safer in private healthcare
  • Bringing in management practices from the USA that have no place in a welfare state

We encourage the British people to see through the Tory charade and recognise the death of the NHS by 1000 cuts that they are trying to bring about.

Junior Doctors Leeds Demo 28 Nov 2015 (c) Luke Farley

Junior Doctors Leeds Demo 28 Nov 2015 (c) Luke Farley

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