Solidarity on show for Junior Doctors

hospital picketThe recent waves of strike action by Junior Doctors across England have seen large picket lines at York Hospital, with up to 100 strikers and supporters on a single day. Amongst the support shown, cavalcades of City Council vehicles and even a visit from a local fire engine. Local BMA members have held ‘meet the public’ events in town and volunteered to teach first aid and baby life-saving courses across the city.

We’ll be joining the pickets at York Hospital again on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April from 8 to 11am. York People’s Assembly member Chris Brace explains:

The attempts to impose a new contract on doctors is just the latest in the Governments strategy to destroy the National Health Service. It is a part of their tried and tested formula: underfund the service, fragment the service, demoralise staff and misinform the public.

Junior doctors (a misleading term, as they are fully qualified and usually the only doctor you see when you go into hospital) have had no choice other than to stage a series of walkouts in response to the Governments plans, which are harmful to the next generation of doctors, patients and the future of the NHS itself.

Jeremy Hunt’s (English) contract – Unsafe and unfair:

  • Increases the hours that doctors may be asked to work to a dangerous level. Clinical decisions should not be made by tired and exhausted doctors!
  • Provides pay and conditions which are far less fair than those in Wales and Scotland. Doctors who work less than full time would be further disadvantaged, doctors have families too! Recently Lancaster Hospital had to close its A&E because the doctors rota could not be covered.

Escalation the only option

The government continues to refuse to enter into further negotiations, why?

Hunt is determined to ride roughshod over the genuine concerns that doctors are raising about patient safety and their wellbeing. They have no choice other than to take their action to the next level.

Support the Junior Doctors – Defend the NHS

The BMA are calling a strike for two consecutive days beginning 26 April. They will not be providing emergency cover, this will instead be provided by consultants and senior grades.

Public support is vital in this battle for the NHS. Join the doctors on their picket lines next week and for as long as is necessary!

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