York & Scarborough Coach to Take Back Manchester 1st October 2017

The Conservative Party has decided to bring its annual shindig to Manchester, where they’ll celebrate all they they’ve acheived for their rich backers. People’s Assembly have called for a huge march and rally to wipe the smile off their faces, put the real story of Britain 2017 back on the agenda: Foodbanks, Homelessness, Rising In-work Poverty, Schools and Hospitals set up to fail.

This march will be the centre-piece of 5 days of resistance as People’s Assembly and dozens of other groups “Take Back Manchester”.

Pick-up locations: (Please select when buying your ticket!)

  • 9am at Scarborough Rail Station bus stops
  • 10am at York’s Leeman Road Memorial Gardens coach stop
  • Can’t attend? There’s an option for you to donate the cost of a ticket

The coach will drop us near Castlefield Arena, where the march is assembling, and collect at Piccadilly Gardens, where the rally is taking place. The coach will return to York around 7.30pm and Scarborough around 8.30pm subject to traffic.

As we know some people are hoping to take part in the pro-EU demonstration on the same day, we are looking at a second set-down in Manchester at Whitworth Park (about half an hour’s walk from Castlefield). However, you will still need to come to Piccadilly Gardens for the return pick-up – around a 15 minute walk from the Cathedral Gardens.


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