Thousands march against fascism

Anti Racism March in WhitehallA gloriously sunny London day welcomed over ten thousand marchers from all over the country on March 22nd for Stand Up To Racism and Fascism – the march and rally organised by Unite Against Fascism. The event marked United Nations Anti Racism day, with parallel events in Glasgow and Cardiff, and throughout Europe.The challenge now is to build on this so that we can defeat the racist BNP and UKIP at the European elections.

Join York UAF members at TSSA Offices on Nunnery Lane – 6pm on Tuesday 15th April to discuss how this can be achieved locally.

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Economics Reading Group Moves Forward

After a series of meetings looking at economic basics – via pleasant excursions into Marx and The Spirit Level, the group move on to looking at economic thinkers and their suggestions on a different way to manage the economy and society as a whole.

We’re looking at our topics within three different streams – radical, reformist and alternative. We kick off this Sunday (23rd) at 5.30pm at the Golden Ball with Pat Devine, starting with this article, entitled Feel-bad Britain. Continue reading