Bonfire of Austerity - 5 Nov 2013. w/No Cuts logo

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity have called for a national Day of Civil Disobedience on 5th November, and they’ve titled it the ‘Bonfire of Austerity‘. Its a great chance for the whole People’s Assembly movement around Britain to take action together – each in our own way. After meeting to decide on some actions, here’s what we in York have got planned:

Bonfire* and Food, City Centre from 1pm

Come and take part in a huge piece of creativity, inviting the public to add the things that make their lives harder to our bonfire of austerity policies. More details, including location, still to be announced.
(* Don’t panic, not an actual fire – we’re building a big model!)

Festival of free speech and ideas, St Helen’s Square from 4pm

We invite you to take up the microphone and tell us what’s wrong with austerity. It might be poetry, music, drama or just heartfelt words. What’s making life hard for you and those around you? How do you feel about the way living standards are being attacked? Whether its benefit cuts or rising fuel bills. Job losses or just greedy bosses. The bedroom tax or the media’s stigmatising attacks. You name it, we want to hear about it, and how you think we should fight back!

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  1. I’ve designed a ‘bonfire’ for the fountain centre-piece that I can be making.
    Does anybody have any red/orange/yellow emulsion paint I can use for it? It does not have to be particularly good quality; in fact the sort of rusty tin stuff that you meant to throw away last year would be fine ! I’ll put it to good use!
    I’m desperately trying to keep the cost down. šŸ™‚
    Chris Tandy

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