We took back Manchester!

To make an impact, you have to stay. So under the slogan ‘Take Back Manchester’, the People’s Assembly contested the Tories’ right to have the city to themselves and make all the news. Continue reading

Massive TUC demo hits Manchester

On a warm, sunny day in Manchester (yes, really!) 100 of us from York joined another 80,000 to protest the Government’s unfair Trade Union Bill. The Bill requires unrealistic levels of voter turnout and bans online voting. It also allows employers to use agency workers to break the strike. In other words, it’s an attack on industrial democracy that has to be countered. Continue reading

Anti-Budget Rally

rallyThe attendance of over 200 people at our Budget Day Rally, which brought together several anti-austerity groups in York, was overwhelming. The attendees ranged from teenagers from the Youth Fight for Jobs movement, to young families with children, to union representatives, to pensioners. Few sectors of society are lucky enough to remain untouched by the new wave of cuts, and the election of a Tory majority this year has turned dissatisfaction into a real drive to enact the change this country needs. Continue reading

Protest planned to mark Queen’s Speech

profile On Wednesday 27th May, the Queen will visit Parliament to announce Cameron’s plans for the year ahead. We’re expecting some surprises, but the picture is already bleak: cuts to budgets, cuts to rights, and big pay-offs to the richest 1%. So we want to offer an alternative, an Assembly Against Austerity of sorts, with ‘open megaphone’ and ideas board (Facebook event). Alongside a dozen other cities, lets get together and remind both government and media that only a third of voters want this government!

York Tories not hiding their Nasty Party reputation

Cllr Steward. York Press.

Remember when York Press quoted Councillor Chris Steward saying that there is no poverty in Britain, and that the Food Bank was enabling drug use? Far from covering up the embarrassment, York’s Conservative Councillors have added insult to injury for York’s poorest communities by selecting Councillor ‘No Poverty’ Steward as their group leader. A member of our Facebook group commented: “When it comes to gross inequality, corporate greed, social injustice, poverty, hardship and the problems faced by thousands of York residents and millions of UK citizens this Tory politician prefers to – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Nasty Party – Nasty Man!”