Eyewitness Calais – Report-back from the Refugee Jungle at Calais

When the group of York University social work students planning to take supplies to the  refugee ‘jungle’ in Calais came to a York People’s Assembly meeting, as we’d offered our support, we asked them to report back on their experience following the visit at the end of September. Continue reading

Please support our 2015 Appeal

Click to Donate Now!Its not just the big political parties who’ll be busy in 2015. And unlike them, we don’t get big cheques for businessmen (or women). We manage really well on a shoestring, with many people contributing in other ways. But the costs still add up, and we’ll need your help to see us through the coming months.

Whatever happens in the General and Local elections, we’ll still be working to undo the damage done by Cameron, Clegg and Co! Please donate today.

Spring appeal raises nearly £200

We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters. Together you’ve donated £183 to our Spring Appeal. It means we can offer discounted tickets for our coach to the People’s Assembly National Demonstration on Saturday 21st June. It also means we can keep up our work confronting austerity policies locally and nationally. Its still possible to donate through the appeal page, and further donations will be gratefully received.

Brilliant first response to spring appeal

GoFundMe - Click to Donate Now!In just 48 hours, our Spring Appeal reached £143 – passing our initial target. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed, however much or little you’ve given. We’ve extended the target to £200. We know that fresh cuts or sell-offs could be announced at any time. A small reserve will mean we can respond effectively when the need arises. Click to donate now.

Spring Appeal – please donate!

GoFundMe - Click to Donate Now!We’re all ready to get started on the next phase of anti-Austerity campaigning, but sadly our bank account is taking a little longer to recover. Please help us out!

Last week’s bedroom tax protest showed we can much with a little. We spent less than £20, created a splash, got in the York Press, collected 250 petition signatures and started great conversations. But we can’t do it with nothing.

We have plans: the People’s Assembly march on 21st June could be huge, but we need a better financial footing so we can offer subsidised tickets to those otherwise excluded. If everyone chips in towards our £100 goal, we’ll be ready! Please donate a few pounds today, and share our appeal with friends and colleagues.