Eyewitness Calais – Report-back from the Refugee Jungle at Calais

When the group of York University social work students planning to take supplies to the  refugee ‘jungle’ in Calais came to a York People’s Assembly meeting, as we’d offered our support, we asked them to report back on their experience following the visit at the end of September. Continue reading

We took back Manchester!

To make an impact, you have to stay. So under the slogan ‘Take Back Manchester’, the People’s Assembly contested the Tories’ right to have the city to themselves and make all the news. Continue reading

York Says Refugees Welcome Here

York Says Refugees Welcome HereIn one of the largest demonstrations the city has seen for years, over a thousand people marched the streets yesterday, calling for refugees to be made welcome in York.

Starting in torrential rain at St. Helen’s Square and finishing with blue skies at the Minster, the weather on the day was perhaps symbolic of the way attitudes have changed in Britain towards the humanitarian crisis. In the past weeks, some of the world’s most desperate people have faced an onslaught of abuse and degradation from our media and government. Yesterday marked the beginning of a compassionate approach to the issue from ordinary people, coinciding with events across the country.

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Ouse Bridge: Whose Democracy?

OuseBridgeA team of TTIP campaigners hung a huge banner off two York bridges during Saturday. Rachel Maskell helped us unfurl the banner on Lendal Bridge for half an hour, before we moved over to Ouse Bridge. Passengers on river tours waved and we gathered signatures from passers-by and punters outside the famous King’s Arms. The same banner has been appearing around Britain, with its simple “Hands Off Democracy” message. Continue reading

Greek Trade Union backs ‘Oxi’ with strikes

Last week, Greek Trade Union federation Adedy unleashed its response to the German-led forced bail-out: a fresh General Strike. The first such strikes since the No, or Oxi, vote in the bailout referendum, we want to send them messages of support and solidarity (English is fine, if your Greek isn’t up to scratch!). Standing up to the economic violence of the Troika, as they threaten to starve your nation, takes guts. We’ve even provided you with a simple form to use to send them your messages: Continue reading

Europe Against TTIP

demo 2 003The Stop TTIP petition was the focus of our action on Tuesday, 21 July from 11am to 2pm in St Helen’s Square, York.  At least a dozen of us shared the task of publicising the dangers of this US/EU deal and getting passers-by to sign. To catch the public’s attention, a giant inflatable pencil dominated the Mansion House end of the square. Hazel Palmer reports… Continue reading

Statement of Solidarity with the People of Greece

oxiYork People’s Assembly wants to express its solidarity with the Greek People in their fight against austerity. It recognizes that the fight of the Greeks against the conditions imposed by the Troika is the same fight that all victims of austerity are facing in Britain. It declares that the path to austerity is a path to social collapse and economic depression.

York People’s Assembly invites the people of Greece to reject the requests of the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, and to take their destiny back into their own hands. We believe that another economy is possible, we believe that austerity must be stopped.

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