March For Mental Health


After the sudden closure of Bootham Park hospital and therefore cuts to vital mental health services in York, Mental Health Action York (MHAY) was formed. Working side by side with the People’s Assembly we organised a successful march and rally on May the 14th to increase awareness and express public support for the reinstatement of mental health services which were so suddenly and cruelly taken.

The March got a wide press coverage including ITV Calendar and BBC look north. We had some great speakers including Len McCluskey and York Central MP Rachel Maskell who said “It is so important that we are standing up for not just the one in four people who experience mental health challenges, but the one in one who could be affected by them. It’s vital that we put this marker down today that we need quality mental health facilities in York.” Also Bob Adams, a founder member of MHAY and a retired consultant psychiatrist spoke out and said “York has been particularly hit with the closure of Bootham Park Hospital when we lost all of our adult beds at just five days’ notice. We want to raise attention to this and make sure that the residents of York have a say in how services are developed in the future. In my time I have seen the peak of mental health services and now the decline, which is very bad.”

As People’s Assembly we wanted to say thank you to everyone who made this possible and let’s keep up the good fight.

York raises volume at 4 demands demo

Amongst the crowd of thousands, York People’s Assembly were represented by a full coach – and a mobile sound system. Along with friends in Scarborough and Thirsk, we headed to London for the Health, Homes, Jobs and Education march. Estimates on total numbers vary wildly from 50 to 150 thousand. Whilst the rally took place in 18Trafalgar Square, hundreds of protesters made their way to Downing Street. Continue reading

Solidarity on show for Junior Doctors

hospital picketThe recent waves of strike action by Junior Doctors across England have seen large picket lines at York Hospital, with up to 100 strikers and supporters on a single day. Amongst the support shown, cavalcades of City Council vehicles and even a visit from a local fire engine. Local BMA members have held ‘meet the public’ events in town and volunteered to teach first aid and baby life-saving courses across the city.

We’ll be joining the pickets at York Hospital again on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April from 8 to 11am. York People’s Assembly member Chris Brace explains: Continue reading

York Declares Support for Junior Doctors Againt Government Imposed New Contract

At a joint meeting of York People’s Assembly Against Austerity and Defend Our NHS York on 2nd November to discuss the ‘Crisis in the NHS’ it was unanimously agreed to support all necessary action by junior doctors in the UK against the imposition of a new contract upon them by the Tory government and to issue a statement in support of the doctors. This include support for the proposed strike on the 5th November. Continue reading

NHS unions strike together

As the sun crawled (slowly) above the horizon on Monday, staff from across York Hospital’s departments walked out for a 4 hour strike. Amongst those taking part were midwives, pharmacists, radiologists, clerical staff and more. Its been revealed that less than half of staff will receive even the derisory 1% pay-rise currently on offer. They were met by supporters joining them to demand an end to poverty pay in healthcare.