Privatization – the York Central MP’s Response

A number of people in York will have recently contacted Hugh Bayley MP to ask him to support the Early Day Motion (EDM) 438 sponsored by Geraint Davies MP. Thus far 73 MP’s of a mix of shades (other than Conservative) have put their names against it, but not our Hugh. Continue reading


UK for Sale?

TTIP parliamentYou’ve hopefully heard that TTIP is a massive corporate power grab, taking away the ability of individual governments to make laws for the safety and well-being of ordinary people, instead putting even more emphasis on profits for the richest few. Come along to Friends Meeting House (Map: B) on Thursday 27th November at 7.15pm to find out more. Along with other local groups, we’re hosting a public forum to discuss the specific threats of TTIP to our health, work, environment and global development.

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Victory for Castlegate protest!

IMG_20141031_164329Around 40 people assembled to protest outside West Offices last night, ahead of a crucial council committee vote on the fate of the Castlegate Centre. The protest was covered by York Press, appearing as the main story on the home page. The decision will now go back to the council’s Cabinet, who must decide how to change course. It’s rare to hold a protest and get a victory so soon afterwards, and everyone involved deserves to celebrate. Let’s hope its the first of many! Continue reading

Big picket line marks hospital strike

Bz0UOA4CQAA0U7MUp to 100 strikers and supporters took part in a picket line outside York District Hospital this morning, as staff walked out on a four hour strike. The sun was barely up as people gathered, with numbers rising steadily towards the end. Its the first of a number of strikes this week, culminating in the TUC’s “Britain Needs a Pay Rise” demonstration on Saturday.

CareUK strikers visit York – £700 raised!

CareUK strike fund collectionA group of workers from Doncaster CareUK visited York last week to raise support and build strike funds. CareUK, owned by Bridgepoint Capital, took over care services for vulnerable adults from the NHS and set about slashing wages to poverty pay. Some staff have lost their homes as a result. Friday’s visit saw over £700 handed over, most from local people raising money in their workplaces. A cheque from a local Unite branch was presented (see picture).

Talking together about TTIP in York

TTIPPeople from many different local organisations, including York People’s Assembly, came together for a recent 38 Degrees day of action. The aim was to get people talking about TTIP – the trade deal threatening to kill off the NHS and all other public services. There was significant interest from passers by, with a good number signing the petition to request Vince Cable fix or scrap the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP). The action was also covered by the York Press. (Thanks to Defend Our NHS York for parts of this report).

Marching 300 miles for the NHS

NHSmarchOver the last two weeks, a band of campaigners have been on the march from Jarrow towards London. The march was planned by Darlo Mums, but has drawn hundreds to march and rally along the route. Last week the march visited Northallerton, Ripon (pictured), Harrogate and Leeds, with York People’s Assembly and Defend Our NHS York members taking part. On Saturday 6th September, the marchers have their grand entrance to London, with a final rally in Trafalgar Square at 3.30pm.