The Freedom Riders are coming!

When South Yorkshire councils scrapped free train travel for pensioners and the disabled last year, a movement sprang up to say ‘no’. They used the tactic of ‘Freedom Rides’ – getting large crowds to turn up and demand to travel for free, as they always had done. Thus the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders was born. What’s really inspiring is that they won big victories in their fight with the council – and now they’re demanding private rail companies like Northern Rail do their bit. Let’s welcome the Freedom Riders outside Northern Rail HQ, 9 Rougier Street at 12noon Monday!
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Privatization – the York Central MP’s Response

A number of people in York will have recently contacted Hugh Bayley MP to ask him to support the Early Day Motion (EDM) 438 sponsored by Geraint Davies MP. Thus far 73 MP’s of a mix of shades (other than Conservative) have put their names against it, but not our Hugh. Continue reading

Rail Unions take on coalition privatisation plans in the Courts

Bring Back British RailThere are few things that unite the People’s Assembly more than the campaign to keep East Cost public. The government’s decision to award the franchise to First Capital Connect should concern us all – both in terms of public ownership of the railways, the fairness of the tendering process and the possible effect of all of this on many other of the things we hold most dear. Here is the full story…

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Passengers before profit: rail unions welcome Lib Dems


On Friday 7th March, the TSSA and RMT rail unions welcomed visiting Lib Dems to York by calling for a commitment to “Keep East Coast Public”. Dozens of signs were held up with individual Lib Dem MPs names on,┬ásimilar to “airport meet and greet” signs. However most ducked in to waiting taxis rather than allow themselves to be lobbied.

[Please note this piece is part of a catch-up which we’ll be doing over the next week]