Solidarity on show for Junior Doctors

hospital picketThe recent waves of strike action by Junior Doctors across England have seen large picket lines at York Hospital, with up to 100 strikers and supporters on a single day. Amongst the support shown, cavalcades of City Council vehicles and even a visit from a local fire engine. Local BMA members have held ‘meet the public’ events in town and volunteered to teach first aid and baby life-saving courses across the city.

We’ll be joining the pickets at York Hospital again on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April from 8 to 11am. York People’s Assembly member Chris Brace explains: Continue reading

Greek Trade Union backs ‘Oxi’ with strikes

Last week, Greek Trade Union federation Adedy unleashed its response to the German-led forced bail-out: a fresh General Strike. The first such strikes since the No, or Oxi, vote in the bailout referendum, we want to send them messages of support and solidarity (English is fine, if your Greek isn’t up to scratch!). Standing up to the economic violence of the Troika, as they threaten to starve your nation, takes guts. We’ve even provided you with a simple form to use to send them your messages: Continue reading

Rally links local and National Gallery issues

Art Gallery protestA crowd gathered outside York Art Gallery on Wednesday, 1st July, to mark one month until entry charges are introduced, and to welcome a striker from the National Gallery. PCS members at the gallery in London want to prevent privatisation of their jobs. The strike, now in its 45th day, has already secured a living wage for all staff. A brilliant £350 was raised for strike funds during the visit.

Meanwhile, York has seen a string of Arts issues in recent months. The new Council leadership have cancelled funding for the Guildhall digital media centre and the grass-roots Arts Barge project. Add to this the decision to charge up to £7.50 for visits to the local art gallery, and it’s clear that arts are being restricted to the most well-off.

NHS unions strike together

As the sun crawled (slowly) above the horizon on Monday, staff from across York Hospital’s departments walked out for a 4 hour strike. Amongst those taking part were midwives, pharmacists, radiologists, clerical staff and more. Its been revealed that less than half of staff will receive even the derisory 1% pay-rise currently on offer. They were met by supporters joining them to demand an end to poverty pay in healthcare.

Union members threatened by Vice Chancellor

UCU union members at the University of York are being threatened with 100% pay reduction for a national marking boycott. In the past, similar actions have been met with small reduction in pay as staff continue the rest of their duties. This escalation is a clear sign that Vice Chancellors want to break the unions on their campuses, making it easier to bully and pressurise staff into working longer hours for less pay. Fellow UCU members in Leeds have launched a public letter and online petition calling for an end to such a vindictive tactic by management in York. Anyone can sign, and York People’s Assembly is urging people to do so.

Big picket line marks hospital strike

Bz0UOA4CQAA0U7MUp to 100 strikers and supporters took part in a picket line outside York District Hospital this morning, as staff walked out on a four hour strike. The sun was barely up as people gathered, with numbers rising steadily towards the end. Its the first of a number of strikes this week, culminating in the TUC’s “Britain Needs a Pay Rise” demonstration on Saturday.

Unions set for strike march in York

York People’s Assembly are working with UNISON City of York branch to build a lunchtime march and rally on Tuesday 14th October in support of their strike action. Everyone is invited to assemble at the West Front of York Minster from 12noon, with a rally following the march starting at 1pm by Constantine’s Statue, round the corner in Minster Yard.

Unions across the public sector are due to take part in strike action on 13th, 14th and 15th October. Healthworkers will lead the way on Monday 13th, with Council and College staff on strike on Tuesday 14th. Finally, civil servants will take action on Wednesday 15th. We’ll be standing on picket lines with all of them. Its all part of a week of action culminating in the “Britain Needs A Pay Rise” demonstration on Saturday 18th October. Coach tickets from York are available here.