The horror, the horror of propaganda

This poisonous anti-Palestinian Tweet was re-Tweeted by Cllr Chris Steward, the Leader of the Conservative group on the City of York Council, well known for other inaccurate Tweets, had this to say recently:

Palestinians leading a donkey to be stoned after painting it w/Israel flag. They are demonic. #tcot

Original Tweet:

I follow it with the repudiation.

BumXpxpCYAALba3A short while ago this image appeared on Twitter – posted by with the following caption: “ in Gaza lead donkey to be stoned as a scapegoat for Israel.

The Tweet was posted by @EriSt0crat who helpfully tells us, “I’m a cisgender-white-male privileged islamophobe Jew who controls the world with my illuminati cabal of Rothschild bankers that eat puppies. Obviously.”

In other words, another Internet nutter whose entirely inflammatory contribution we can dismiss immediately. Except that some people will not have done the extra couple of clicks to discover this is entirely malicious nonsense, so the poor scapegoat donkey being “stoned to death by Arabs” stays with them as a reality.

In the whole tragedy of the Middle East with its present butchery of the innocent, those who sit safely in their homes tweeting malice, or teenagers pouring petrol on…

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Bedroom tax under the theatre spotlight

Room for DebateFor the last year, thousands of households have endured the misery of the bedroom tax. This week, second year Writing, Directing and Performance students at the University of York present an evening of three original half-hour plays, created from the true stories and real lives of the people involved in the controversial Bedroom Tax/Spare Room Subsidy. They even interview members of York People’s Assembly after our April bedroom tax action. The show is on for three evenings – Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May and tickets are £5 from the University website.

Route unveiled, tickets going fast for June 21st demo

21st June Demo RouteThe route for the “No More Austerity” demonstration on June 21st has been unveiled. No backstreets and no detours: from the headquarters of the BBC and the Tax Dodgers on Oxford Street to Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament, the route is direct, visible and to the point. Tickets for our coach from York to the summer’s biggest anti-austerity event are selling well, so please book now so you don’t miss out!

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Enough is Enough

A few York People’s Assembly members were present on 29th January 2014 for the launch of the film of ‘Enough is Enough’ at the University of Leeds. The event included a showing of the film, now publicly viewable on the website, along with a panel discussion between the 350 strong audience and

  • Andrew Simms – Chief Analyst at Global Witness, fellow of the New Economics Foundation, and author of Cancel the Apocalypse
  • Kate Pickett – Professor of Epidemiology at the University of York, co-author of The Spirit Level, and co-founder of the Equality Trust
  • Dan O’Neill – Lecturer in Ecological Economics at the University of Leeds and co-author of Enough Is Enough
  • Natalie Bennett – Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
  • Tom Bliss – Producer and director of the film.

Find out more about steady-state economics and view the film here

Some of the same YPA people saw Kate Pickett again on Friday 31 January at the Priory Street Centre in York where she delivered a different but equally compelling talk  to a big room full of people for the ‘Truth, Lies and The Spirit Level’ day conference

Many citizens of York and Yorkshire are obviously seeing that we need to challenge the divisions within society, and bring about a much more equal one. We hope to see them all on the walls and streets of York on the 8th March telling attendees to the Lib-Dem conference what we think of their coalition for the rich and wealthy.


Six amazing months: 2013 in review

YPA_logo00a10dIt seems hard to imagine, but six months ago, we’d only just booked a room for our first meeting. Since then, a lot has happened, and as a movement, both locally and nationally, we’ve grown tremendously. What started as 40 people in a room has become hundreds taking action in the streets. As we look back over 6 months of action, here’s to an amazing 2014! Continue reading

Christmas Eve to see biggest Fire strike yet

After last week’s actions, the Fire Brigades Union has announced its next move, which includes a strike on from 7pm to Midnight on Christmas Eve, when Scottish firefighters and support staff across Britain will join in the action for the first time. On New Year’s Eve firefighters will begin 18hours of strike action at 6.30pm. York People’s Assembly hopes that locals will make time to show solidarity with those on strike amidst the busy celebrations. Let’s help our firefighters get the deal they want for Christmas!

You’re invited to a party!

Protesters under Fishergate Postern in snow.2013 is drawing to a close. York People’s Assembly is only six months old, yet we’ve come a long way. To celebrate, we’ve booked out York’s first cooperative-owned, living wage pub for a party to celebrate. When good news is rare, its even more important to take time to celebrate when we can. 

Everyone who’s played a part in building the Assembly, and every group and organisation we’ve worked alongside, is invited to join us.

Celebrate with us on Wednesday 18th at the Golden Ball 
We’ll be getting started at 7.30pm. Click here for a map, the pub is marked as ‘B’. Continue reading