York & North Yorkshire People’s Assembly

Book a place on Eventbrite12.30 – 5.30pm Saturday 12th October
Friends Meeting House, Friargate, YO1 9RL (map)

We’re organising a major conference with speakers and workshops, focused on developing and strengthening campaigns that give us a voice against the corporate interests driving government policy and pushing ordinary people into poverty. We’re not charging people to attend, but we’ll be asking for donations if people are able to contribute. Here’s what’s planned so far:

12.00noon Registration, 12.30pm Introduction and opening speeches

1.00pm First Workshop Session:

Global Debt, Global Austerity (supported by JustYork)
Jonathan Stephenson of Jubilee Debt Campaign will unpack the long history of austerity policies forced on to countries in Africa, Asia and South America, which have resulted in dictatorships and failed states.

Education for all, not for sale!
An action-focused discussion led by teachers, lecturers and students aimed at stepping up the fight back against sell-offs and cutbacks.

The fight for the NHS (with Defend Our NHS York)
The fight for the NHS is far from over! Presentation and discussion of key threats to our health care and how together we can fight them.

2.30pm Second Workshop Session:

Austerity and Alternatives with New Economics Foundation
Economist James Meadway, will lead a discussion of austerity, what it’s meant to achieve and the options for achievable alternatives.

From Zero-hours to the Living Wage and more… (York TUC members)
How do we stop Cameron and Co. taking our rights and pensioners whilst employers get away with paying poverty wages?

Blame the 1%! How can we stop scapegoating the marginalised?
Listening to this government, you’d think the financial crisis was caused by disabled people, those seeking asylum, all sorts of groups apart from the super-rich. So how do we turn the tide of blame?

Building a movement – 3 perspectives from local campaigners
We want to bring people together to create change, but what kind of movement should we create and how do we get from here to there?

4.00pm The Big Assembly
Presentation of action plans from the workshops, followed by planning of York activities for the National Day of Civil Disobedience against Austerity on Bonfire Night, 5th November.

Be sure to book a place and be part of launching an exciting new phase of campaigning in York!

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