Donate to build a movement

Give money through our most recent GoFundMe appeal!We’re very lucky to have such strong support from people who contribute in different ways, such as time, energy or money. In particular, we get a lot of small donations that add up and enable us to keep campaigning. This means that we can maximise our opportunities to challenge austerity and build a fairer world. It also enables those hit hardest by austerity to participate without adding to the financial pressure upon them.

Fliers to advertise events or explain issues, placards to get our message across at protests, hiring venues for meetings, and train fares for visiting speakers or sending delegates to conferences all cost money.

We invite donations at most of our events and activities. You can also donate directly to our bank account through online banking, using the following details:

Name of payee/Account Name: York Stop the Cuts
Sort code: 08-60-01
Account number: 20271932
Reference: Donation

(We are using the account of our predecessor organisation, York Stop the Cuts.)

2 thoughts on “Donate to build a movement

  1. I have written you an article for your website about the parks situation – to whom shall I email it?

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