York People’s Question Time – A Most Excellent Success

People's Question Time

Having sold out the first venue in a matter of days, the York People’s Question Time found a new venue, the Conference Suite at the Royal York Hotel, following some searching by one of the organizers, but this similarly reached its capacity of 410 after a very short time. The interest all came by word-of-mouth and social media and no formal promotion. This all happened to a background of the Leaders Debate, arranged at the last minute, on TV the same evening. Continue reading


Owen Jones leads People’s Question Time panel

People's Question Time7pm Thursday 2nd April at the Royal York Hotel
Tickets £5 if you can, free if you can’t – we sold out our first venue, and expect to sell out again. Join us as we ask some big questions: Can we save our NHS from privatisation? – Do strikes work? – What’s the alternative to austerity? – What happened to social housing? – Can we stop cuts?

On the panel will be :

  • Owen Jones, Guardian columnist and author
  • Mark Steel, Comedian and broadcaster
  • Kate Pickett, author of The Spirit Level, director of the Equality Trust
  • George Arthurs, activist, South Yorkshire Freedom Riders
  • Sam Fairbairn, national secretary, People’s Assembly Against Austerity
  • Chair: Emily Park, York People’s Assembly

Enough is Enough

A few York People’s Assembly members were present on 29th January 2014 for the launch of the film of ‘Enough is Enough’ at the University of Leeds. The event included a showing of the film, now publicly viewable on the website, along with a panel discussion between the 350 strong audience and

  • Andrew Simms – Chief Analyst at Global Witness, fellow of the New Economics Foundation, and author of Cancel the Apocalypse
  • Kate Pickett – Professor of Epidemiology at the University of York, co-author of The Spirit Level, and co-founder of the Equality Trust
  • Dan O’Neill – Lecturer in Ecological Economics at the University of Leeds and co-author of Enough Is Enough
  • Natalie Bennett – Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
  • Tom Bliss – Producer and director of the film.

Find out more about steady-state economics and view the film here http://t.co/4N3HhRIw7b

Some of the same YPA people saw Kate Pickett again on Friday 31 January at the Priory Street Centre in York where she delivered a different but equally compelling talk  to a big room full of people for the ‘Truth, Lies and The Spirit Level’ day conference http://www.comehear.org/further-resources.html.

Many citizens of York and Yorkshire are obviously seeing that we need to challenge the divisions within society, and bring about a much more equal one. We hope to see them all on the walls and streets of York on the 8th March telling attendees to the Lib-Dem conference what we think of their coalition for the rich and wealthy.