York Declares Support for Junior Doctors Againt Government Imposed New Contract

At a joint meeting of York People’s Assembly Against Austerity and Defend Our NHS York on 2nd November to discuss the ‘Crisis in the NHS’ it was unanimously agreed to support all necessary action by junior doctors in the UK against the imposition of a new contract upon them by the Tory government and to issue a statement in support of the doctors. This include support for the proposed strike on the 5th November. Continue reading

Stop multinational companies getting their claws into our National Health Service

kittyMultinational corporations are looking to take over our National Health Service (NHS) and they could be helped by a new trade treaty being discussed at the EU, the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Defend Our NHS York are hosting an event with Linda Kauchuer, an expert on International Trade and Law on 1st May, 7- 9pm, where she’ll explain and lead a discussion TTIP and the negative impact it will have on our NHS.  The meeting venue is The Main Hall, Friends Meeting House (Map location B). Furthur information about TTIP and the meeting is available is available on the Defend Our NHS York website.

Once these fat cats get their claws into our NHS, they will simply tear it apart.

We are distributing a leaflet (NHS TTIP 010514) about the meeting.